Limited Edition Chris Kyle Maximus Patch

by Yanne Root | August 30, 2014 | 1 Comment

Violent Little Machine Shop recently launched its Chris Kyle Maximus patch to benefit Taya Kyle in light of the recent events. Chris was a friend. We weren't best friends by any means, but we were friends. Given that Chris's life and the Naval Special Warfare community was/is about action, we wanted to take action to help Chris and his family. Nothing will ever compare to Chris's selflessness and the way in which he helped so many, not to mention the countless lives he saved. We're proud to continue to honor Chris's life and take care of Chris and his loved ones. Its a testament to Chris's true measure that this community takes care of its own, even after they're gone. Case in point, the recent Forged Clothing campaign raised over $1,000,000 by selling tshirts! That is outstanding...almost to the point where it makes this recent court case a non-event. We're trying to add to that non-event, and we need your help.

All $20 of the purchase price of the patch is going straight to Taya Kyle. We've made 100 of these limited edition patches, so at the end of it all we're going to be sending a $2,000 check to Taya Kyle for her to do what she wants with. We've seen a lot of other Chris Kyle patches that are sending the net proceeds to help Taya...or whatever. That's not how we're doing it here. Violent Little Machine Shop has covered ALL the costs for production, shipping, merchant fees, etc. so that all of the money you donate is going straight to the cause. We started this shop as very much a for-profit business, but we also wanted to set the tone from the get-go that we'd be helping the boys that are downrange putting their lives on the line. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those times.


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1 Comment

AmericaBeautiful said:

So excellent. A Great and Brave Hero.
I do not know you, but you pierced my heart. Ordering now…..
I hope you make one for Breitbart, too.

March 01, 2015

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