An Incomplete History of the "Thin Line" Origins

by Jimmy Bowman | October 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

We are currently selling two "Thin Line" designs, on various products.  There's the "Thin Blue Line" and "Thin Red Line". These represent Law Enforcement and Firefighters, respectively. The "thin lines" are the small part of the population that separate normal civilians from the general fuckery that is caused by criminals and/or fires. We wanted to give a big high-five to these groups, so that's why the "Thin Blue Line" and "Thin Red Line" Valhalla Admit One patches exist (as well as some stickers and lapel pins).

thin blue line valhalla admit one morale patch

thin red line valhalla admit one morale patch

This all started with the "Thin Blue Line", in the UK. It quickly jumped the pond and was rapidly accepted by North America. Of course, you can't rep the Police for protecting people without also giving proper credit to the Firefighters of Earth that pull you out of burning buildings (not an easy thing to do). It only makes sense that the "Thin Red Line" concept was created. This also reaches over to the EMS crowd with the "Thin White Line".  We currently don't have any "Thin White Line" products....but it could happen.

These morale patches are an awesome way to show your support for those that quite literally put themselves in harms way for a living in order to keep you and the rest of your community safe. If they didn't, then you'd be enjoying the luxurious lifestyle that Somalians have the pleasure of living.

Slap one of these (or both...don't play favorites) on your kit, your truck, or anything else that has Velcro attached to it...and show that you not only understand, but appreciate not having to worry about a lot of the bad shit that happens to unprotected people around the world.

thin blue line and thin red line valhalla admit one morale patches

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