Violent Little + S&S Precision = Netflix and Chill?

by Meep (Robot) | October 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

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Today is an important day in human history. Today we announce that Violent Little Machine Shop is launching the launch of officially licensed morale patches from S&S Precision. These five designs are sure to wet the palette of every velcro obsessed person out there. If you're not familiar with S&S, you're probably not our cup of tea.  Click here to see the goods. The crew at S&S Precision have been friends (with benefits) for some time...and the story goes a little bit like this:

I first met Frew (name changed for security reasons), one of the founders of S&S Precision back in 2008. Frew had just gotten out of the teams and was running a crossfit gym in Maui out of his garage. I had just enlisted in the Navy under a SEAL contract but I wasn't slated to ship out for eight months, so I moved to Maui to finish up my preparation. Back in those days there wasn't a Crossfit gym on every block, so Frew's gym was pretty much the only game in town. When I found out that the gym was owned by a former team guy I was ecstatic. "Perfect!", I thought, thinking I was going to have the inside track on all sorts of little morsels of wisdom to give me a leg-up at BUD/s. Apparently still a big believer of "lose lips sink ships", I discovered that the mysterious gym owner was going to be virtually zero help as far as inside information went. He spoke so little about the teams that I half-wondered if he had even been in the Navy...that is until his wife showed me his BUD/s graduation photo. Eight months later I said my goodbyes and off I went to bootcamp and BUD/s.

I didn't make it through hell week and received a medical discharge from the Navy, so I was out in less than two years. An "extraordinary military career" is how some have called least that's how I remember it. It was certainly extraordinary that I was able to not get sent to the fleet. The very next Shot Show I bumped into my former quasi-mentor roaming around the booths when those beautiful golden curly locks of his compromised his position. You'd swear great Odin himself had urinated down from the heavens a beautiful stream of golden sunshine to bathe his crown in glory. At the time I was part of a different company in the same industry and we had just launched a revolutionary, non-game-changing product. Explaining this to Frew when I saw him, he invited me to the S&S Precision HQ at the doorstep of Dam Neck to demo the gear to the headshed of the nearest geographically located SEAL Team. When it was my turn at bat I gave a thirty second demo to the boys, at which point they said "Yeah, we'll take'em...what else you got?" thus making me a successful inventor.

As the years dragged on and much mediocrity was achieved by all, I reluctantly set off on a new endeavor and enlisted the SkillS of S&S to help design the original product offering that Violent Little wouldn't be built around: the picatinny bracelet and belt. Unbeknownst to S&S at the time, this was a move to curry favor and forever link our two companies. Fast forward two years later, throw in a strategic pivot to morale patches, and boom, Violent Little is now the grand cyclops master dealer of S&S Precision patches. You was going to be about the patches the whole time...and we knew this. Check and mate.

The fact that S&S would entrust us with this very insignificant part of their business is a responsibility not taken lightly, nor is its lack of importance lost on us. We will earn that right every day by being the worst we possibly can be. We will embarrass S&S at times, we're certain of it, but we promise no more than we embarrass ourselves.

s&s precision hot sauce morale patch

s&s precision one size fits all morale patch

s&s precision skills morale patch

s&s precision gear logo morale patch

s&s precision made in the 757 morale patch

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