Ammo, dude. Take Ammo.

by Steven Bartholomew | August 08, 2022 | 0 Comments

What’s going on ya bunch of Undisciplined Cowboys,

Steven here, writing to anyone listening out there.

So you wanna know what I think? It don't really matter what I think...

I’ve actually cruised by Somalia a handful of times in my past life, you know before I got into the patch game. At least I thought that was Somalia. We didn’t always receive the most accurate navigational coordinates down in the mess decks. But I agree with Eversmann, maybe it would be a nice place to visit? You know if you’re a beach in the morning, firefights in the afternoon kind of guy. 

But for real, I can relate to Grimes. It's fucking hot as shit over there and quite frankly, it didn't seem to matter how much water you drank, you're never not thirsty. Plus, it's not like he can just stroll into a 7-11 to get a Big Gulp to quench his thirst in Northern Africa. But if the last advice I ever got before heading out on my first boots-on-ground Op was “Ammo dude, take Ammo” then I’m probably just going to take Ammo. Then once I got some experience I would decide for myself what items would be on my combat necessities list. I like the beer idea, but not sure if that’s the best source of hydration when you're surrounded by hostile Somalians.

This scene really hits home for me, though. I, too, was once the naive new guy that didn't know shit. My first underway was a 5-day training evolution. I packed like I was setting out for a world tour. Literally, packed enough Cliff Bars to feed a small family for a month. It was one of many clown moments in my Navy days.

So If you’re the new guy, just ask somebody who looks like they know what the fuck they’re doing for some advice. Swallow your pride and save yourself from the Clown Show that's waiting for you if you don't. 

Watch your corners out there.

Steven- signing off…for now.

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