Ay! Policia, Cabron! Vamanos!

by Steven Bartholomew | November 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

Buenos Tardes, Muchachos

I'm not quite sure how many of our readers are hanging out in Sinaloa right now but, hey, can't blame a guy for trying to expand his network. Besides hitting I4 during rush hour, I don't have too much trafficking experience. But I do have a funny little story you guys might enjoy.

By the way, this is off the record...

A few years back, I found myself spending a little time in a lovely little city called Tijuana. During my stay, I experienced firsthand the agony of sitting in hours of traffic and vehicle inspections to cross the border back into America. (as I said, this was a few years back). I was also informed of the cartel's presence in Tijuana and just some of the ways they give back to the community. Even going as far as going around town, and placing FREE tracking devices on cars with a complimentary brick of something I'm sure will wake you up in the morning. Like most of our readers, besides my annual viewing of Scarface, I don't have much experience/knowledge of drug trafficking. So you can understand my surprise when I woke up one morning to my neighbor finding a brick of cocaine under her car with one of those fancy tracking devices to match. But not as surprised as she was when the police informed her that she was just one of the hundreds of innocent people unknowingly trafficking Boogar Sugar into the states on their daily commute to work every day to be picked up by the fellas on the other side.

Personally, my Tijuana stay was a little less orchestrated, a lot more intoxicating, and probably involved one too many crazy ex-girlfriends.

But if you find yourself in this situation, I might be able to give you some advice, which would be you only got two options...

1) Shut the Fuck up


2) Ay, llame a la Policia, Cabron

-Steven (the new guy, get used to hearing from me and my bullshit)

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