(Buddy) Fuckers

by Steven Bartholomew | July 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

Happy Casual Friday Ladies and Gentlemen, 

This patch would have been so much funnier had we thought to include "buddy" up above, but it's made, and it's "fine enough", so we're just going to go with it.

Speaking of Buddy Fucking, here's a little story. 

When you are working nights on a ship, good food is hard to come by, and not waiting in line for hours for said food is nearly impossible. But I was able to find a loophole in the system. I kept an FSA T-shirt in my rack at all times (Food Service Assistant). This basically gave me the power to put that on and walk right into the galley without anybody suspecting a thing. If anybody questioned me, I always said the same thing. "Sorry, I missed early chow."

I was eating goooooood compared to my not-so-innovative friends. But I knew if I told them how I did it, too many people would cause the whole system to crumble. So I kept my fuckin mouth shut and my belly full. See, the difference is we weren't in foxholes fighting for our lives and it wasn't like people weren't getting fed... so it was all kosh.  

Before I left, I handed it down to the next person I felt worthy of such power. The way I see it, yeah I could have just waited in line every day with my homies, or, eat a fresh plate and catch up on some shut-eye instead of standing nut to butt, counting my brain cells as they died one by one. 

Don't you judge me.


Steven (P.S. When I told my homies about it later, they said I was a Genius.)

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