Dr. Indiana Jones has gone crazy.

by Steven Bartholomew | November 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

How the hell did Mola Ram rip the heart out of the poor bastard in the first sacrifice as easy as a hot knife cutting through butter, but couldn't break Indy's C-grip when it really counted? I'll tell you why, his work ethic is unmatched.

Ain't nobody working like Indiana Jones. Only dude I know (Not Personally.) to work a full-time job and still make time to save the world whenever the University gives him a little time off to handle his "Field Work". Imagine the Sky Miles Indy must rack up. The dude is probably a legend in every Delta Sky Club from here to Shanghai, when he's not flying private via cargo aircraft, of course.

This patch should of just said, "He no nuts! He's Indiana Fucking Jones." I think this scene would have been even cooler if that was in the script, but Steven Spielberg probably needed to keep a lid on Harrison Ford's ego. After all, this movie was shot around the same time Han Solo was just out there mobbin with Chewy all over the Empire. What a fucking savage.

Gotta respect the classics,


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