"Fuck You", but this time we said it in Braille.

by Steven Bartholomew | July 27, 2022 | 0 Comments

Greetings loyal subscribers, 

I have no idea how to read Braille. My ignorance in this subject was made very clear during our meeting about this particular patch. I mixed up sign language and braille, telling a story about rap concerts I've been to where they have somebody up on stage signing the lyrics for the blind people in the crowd. It sounded convincing, but couldn't have been more off, as Yanne chimed in, "Well, no, sign language is for the deaf. I don't think it does any good for the blind." But, teamwork makes the dream work.

I've heard that when one of your senses doesn't work, the others get much stronger, giving one almost superhuman-like capabilities. Which would be an okay trade-off if those were the cards you were dealt, and, if you could learn to harness the abilities of your heightened senses, you could really kick some ass. I'm not completely positive about that, but I do know the streets of Hell's Kitchen have never been safer. (That's where Daredevil lives, and DareDevil is blind. As I had to explain to Yanne. I guess Netflix hasn't made it out to Idaho yet.)

So why not a patch in braille? Of course, we could have made it a little less inappropriate, but then it wouldn't be us. We did try a couple of different ideas, but "Fuck You" just had such a nice aesthetic to it. Plus, if this does get any backlash from you people, at least we can justify it with the fact our intentions were good. We don't leave anybody out of a chance on getting in on the fun. 

That's all I got for now. Stay Classy, San Diego.


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