New Shoresy Morale Patches!

by Steven Bartholomew | June 06, 2023 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the NOSHO, Sluts

We know it's been a little while since we dropped anything new so we figured we'd bring you this absolute clapper of a trio based off of your favorite Canadian senior hockey team. For somebody who was born and raised in Florida, and hasn't put on a pair of ice skates since an elementary school summer camp to a very sketchy ice rink in Daytona Beach, I'm a big hockey guy. My admiration from the sport came from a weekend trip to D.C. sponsored by the MWR back in 2017, which included discounted tickets to a Capitals v.s. Penguins game. With a belly full of draft beer and the boys getting "probably" a little too rowdy, I'd never had as much fun at any live sporting event than I did in that arena. I think any sport that requires an insane amount of athleticism and for you to be ready to exchange bare knuckle haymakers at a moment's notice is worth paying attention to.

Also, in honor of Jared Keeso's acting skills and our love for Canada, we RESTOCKED our Letterkenny Patch!

Along with these beauties:

Smoke Brisket Not Meth

Cowabunga It Is


Give yer balls a tug,


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