Operation Enduring this Bullsh*t Morale Patch

by Steven Bartholomew | March 09, 2023 | 0 Comments


I made you a patch. I just saw something, and I thought of you... and I don't want it to be weird...I just wanted to be nice. (But not weird like a grown man giving another grown man a present.) It's okay, you're welcome.

It's funny because we're both Veterans. We both endured a lot of bullshit. But, hey, I got a weird sense of humor, I'm a sick puppy.

Do you understand what's so funny about this patch, though? Because at first glance you think it's just another veteran patch from some military operation, but then at second glance you read, "Operation enduring this bullshit", and now you're thinking this is outrageous!

Happy Friday,


P.S. Little River Band goes hard.

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