RESTOCK! "Operation Enduring This Bullshit" Tactical Morale Patch

by Steven Bartholomew | June 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

That's right, the "Operation Enduring This Bullshit" PVC Patch is back in stock, people!

You all spoke, and we listened. What kind of business would we be if we didn't listen to what the people wanted? A business full of idiots, that's what. And since we have an average IQ of 160 here at Violent Little, we did the only intelligent thing to do which was get a restock on these bangers. 

It was really no surprise this patch was such a big hit. Given the fact that most (If not all.) of our customers and subscribers are either active duty/prior service or big supporters of the military, it was pretty easy to tell where this one was headed. Everyone here just gets it, and that's what makes it fun. 

There ain't no telling how much bullshit you're going to be shoveling while you're in the military. The worst part is right when you think you're done, they come and drop off another pile of it the next day. It's a marathon, not a sprint, you gotta be able to endure all the bullshit, hell, maybe even learn to laugh about it. It is what it is, it's all part of the show, the sooner you embrace that fact the better off you'll be during your time in the service. 

Stay strong,


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