The Government Appreciates your Cooperation, but the Budget is Full

by Steven Bartholomew | August 12, 2022 | 0 Comments

What up Informers,

Steven guy at Violent Little...just out of the US Navy...pleasantries, greetings, etc. with my take on being a government employee. It was alright, not great, but alright. I got to travel the world, make a little money, and I got tons of practice signing my name and SS# at the bottom of a thousand "Training Muster Sheets". But hey, the day you forget about cyber security is the day "the terrorists win" as our not-so-popular TPO would always say. Really, besides missing almost every holiday with my family, non-existent "work hours", and the occasional urinalysis pop-quiz, I enjoyed my tenure. Although my experience was more on the foreign relations side, I do hear good things about the domestic side of the operation. 

It's got to be good, right? They have so many career options. Do you like guns? Be a cop. Do you like lifting weights and watching movies? Be a Firefighter! (I was a firefighter on the deck of the Eisenhower btw, so don't even think about leaning in on this one...). You like sitting in a chair and telling people they're missing a document? The DMV is right for you!

I tease of course, especially with that DMV comment, seriously. You know the expression don't fuck with the people who handle your food. Here's another one, don't fuck with the DMV.


P.S. Julie from USPS, I didn't mean to leave you and all the other postal warriors out. But you know I appreciate y'all. Without USPS and their 99.99999% reliability, there is no Violent Little.

P.S.S. Yanne here with another dynamite drop-in to set you up for success. I essentially made the FBI patch solely for a friend at the FBI, because him and his crew were such fans of our "Utah Get Me Two" patch.

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