Violent "Little" Velcro Dopp Kit Bag

by Steven Bartholomew | July 25, 2022 | 0 Comments


I'm sure you've been wondering what the hell happened to our Weekly emails. Well, when we don't have much to say (ie, there's no new products or restocks) we tend to just shut the fuck up. Who likes the guy at the party contributing nothing of value, but running his suck...all the time.

The number one rule at Violent Little is "Don't bullshit the customer". But if there had to be a number two rule, which has been ingrained in my brain since day one, it would be to "Get real weird with it." Now the only thing weirder than a Velcro Fanny Pack is the idea that people need a variety of velcro products to choose from. Search no further, because we're stocked back up with more velcro fuckery. 

Yes, this bag essentially serves the same purpose as the fanny pack. Which is basically "how can I carry my shit in the most obnoxious way possible". But there are some tactical differences with this one. It's smaller, which forces you to pack light and move quickly. Also, when fully packed, it's about the size of a Nerf Football, and who doesn't love fucking around with one of those?

If you find yourself trying to decide between this bag and the fanny pack, I'm happy to inform you this little velcro bag does fit inside the fanny pack. Picture this, you got your velcro fanny pack around your waist, swagged the fuck out in patches, and some asshole asks you "What do you keep in that ridiculous fanny pack?". Then you look that sucker right in his eyes, unzip the fanny pack, and pull out the little velcro bag which is also swagged the fuck out in patches. He better hope his girl doesn't see that...

Enjoy the day.


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