"Violin" Little has such a nice ring to it.

by Steven Bartholomew | August 01, 2022 | 0 Comments

Hello String Family,

Alright, we promised you no bullshit, so how about a True Story about my music career. For this, I’m gonna have to take you back to 2003, in kindergarten, when I was “persuaded” to take piano lessons. These were legit, like not Whiplash level, but enough for me to kinda stress about it, as a 5-year-old. Later on, I was signed up to perform at like a young child’s music recital, with about 200 people in the audience. Instead of playing the one song I’ve practiced 3000 times, I fucked up 3 seconds in and just froze. Mom stopped making me go to piano lessons, I’m not an entertainer.

I do respect the grind it takes to master an instrument. The hours it takes to memorize every cord or key is no joke. I can sympathize with these guys, you know how long it took me to play “Through the Fire and The Flames” on expert on Guitar Hero World Tour? Weeks, bro…

Fun Fact: A few weeks ago I went to Alaska and was in a Cab with Yanne (he owns the joint). A little early mornin’ rollllllin at this Local Jiu-Jitsu spot about 10 minutes into the city, the cab scooped us. Yanne sees a ukulele up front with the driver and asks if he can see it. “Bro, your ukulele is out of tune, let me tune it for you.” I think the cab driver was embarrassed. Yanne tunes it then starts playing Flake by Jack Johnson while we were underway. 25 minutes later, he and I were in a death roll on the mats. And, Yes, Gis were donned. Pretty casual morning, actually. 

So shoutout to all the musicians out there. It’s not easy. Definitely not as easy as being creative enough to take the “T” off our name and make a Patch out of it just so I can tell you I fucking suck at Piano. But we managed to pull it off. 

This Patch also has a neat matching Sticker!

Cheers, fellas and the one or two girls on this email list,


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