Workaholics: "Bieberhole69"

by Steven Bartholomew | January 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

This episode sure didn't age well...

What would you do if a person you were trying to expose for unlawful acts turned out to be the coolest person you've ever met? I guess it would just have to depend on the crime being committed. In Topher's case, absolutely no mercy. That shit is creepy and the world is better off without people like him in it. This episode has actually been removed from streaming services for the same allegations the actor is guilty of in the show. Jillian was right, take him away boys.

I could understand the dilemma, though. Adam, Blake, and Ders don't exactly live the most exciting lives, and they now had an opportunity to party in the penthouse penthouse. (Apparently, you can piss wherever you want in there.) It probably beats riding around in a tricycle while you're volunteering for the neighborhood watch. But, unfortunately for Topher, their morals kicked in just in time to put a stop to all that bullshit.

Do the right thing,


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