What's happening NOW at Violent Little Machine Shop

by Yanne Root | December 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

We've now implemented a "Now" page into the About Us Section of our website. As with all ideas, we look forward to being really excited about it now, but then just allowing it to fall into disrepair and irrelevancy in short order once we realize how much work its going to take to keep this son of a bitch updated.

"Now" pages are an idea we got off an interview from Derek Sivers on an episode of the Tim Ferriss Podcast, which we're big fans of. We thought it to be an interesting concept (read more here) and wanted to repurpose it ala Violent Little. In its most simple form, it's a page that lets people know what you're up to right now...like right this week. We're doing our own "Now" page because people are interested in what we're doing, quizzically enough, based on how many views our About page gets. But here's the thing, our About Us page, like most About Us pages, really just gives very little information...so this new "Now" page should give you much more intel on what we're doing in the Violent Little Machine Shop, what we're focused on, and where we're going. If you like creepin', which we know you do, go check it out here, or you can regularly access it from our About Us page.

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