Causes Death in California...

by Steven Bartholomew | October 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

Californians are probably like, "What the hell, give us a fuckin' break!" The answer is no, not only no, but hell no. Why would we? California is a goldmine for condescending, passive-aggressive patches. It's like 1849 all over again! (That joke is going to go over a lot of heads.)

Before I was convinced to get in on the action here at Violent Little, (It really didn't take much convincing.) I was living out in SoCal. It was "ight". I grew up right next to the beach in Florida, so yeah I enjoyed the weather and beaches but it wasn't like I was writing home about it. Sand is sand, but fuck that cold ass water y'all got. People would counter by saying "Where else in the country can you snowboard and surf on the same day!?" I'd fire back with "That's true, but you'd need a helicopter to make that happen." The traffic on a daily basis was unlike anything I'd ever seen. Oh, we have dinner reservations for 7? The restaurant is only 8 miles away? Guess I should be ready to leave the house at 4:30!

I do really miss the food though. Al Pastor like you wouldn't believe.

Enjoy your weekend,


P.S. You know we got the Sticker to match.

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