Gold Jacket? Green Jacket? Who Gives a Shit?

by Steven Bartholomew | October 12, 2022 | 0 Comments


Who gives a shit if the jacket is gold, green, or has cotton candy-colored polka dots, Happy Gilmore still doesn't respect golf as a real sport. And since neither do I, I'm going to shift the topic of discussion torwards something I give a shit about.

Let's talk about Jiu Jitsu, more specifically, the Gi vs No Gi dilemma. My take on the matter, who gives a shit? You either got it or you fucking don't. Changing the articles of clothing you have on should have little to no impact on your skills as a grappler. It's all still Jiu Jitsu pal, and like Yanne always says, "It's all just time on the mats."

Happy just had that same "Stick your nose down and work" mentality. The little things just don't get in the way of driven people. Like batting cage safety. But from the underdog to the top dog, work ethic beats talent every time. He even sent Shooter McGavin runnin' right off his own tour. (Although, it might have also been the petty theft and angry mob.) Chubbs would have been so proud; damn gator.

I'll see you guys at next year's hockey tryouts,


P.S. No Gi.

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