Combat Unit Network Technician

by Steven Bartholomew | December 08, 2022 | 0 Comments

I don't necessarily have "combat experience", I was in the Navy stationed on an Aircraft Carrier. Yes, I had my fair share of time down range, but never saw any sort of boots-on-ground type action. I can imagine even the IT guys that are part of these deployments probably do see their fair share of wild shit. But like I said before, I was in the Navy, so I can only speak intelligently about what I've been through firsthand. (With slight exaggeration from time to time just for my own ego.)

Let me be the first to say, if any navy IT guy comes back from deployment and tries to tell you it was rough, he deserves a swift kick in the ass. These guys are living in pure luxury. You'll never catch one of these guys in a bad mood unless their turn got skipped on Super Smash Bros. Like even their chain of command is so 'laxed because they ain't doing shit either. True story, one time I had to go down to their office during deployment to get something fixed with my internet access, and these guys had the NBA Finals on eating popcorn with all of the lights off. Then had the audacity to try to tell me that I had to come back tomorrow because "The system was down." You can't argue with these guys either, because one click and you ain't ever emailing your folks again...

The moral of the story: Choose your rate, choose your fate.


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