President Camacho has it all figured out.

by Steven Bartholomew | January 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Shit! I know shits bad right now…

President Camacho understands “everyone's shits emotional right now”, but he’s got a 3-point plan to fix everything. Which is really just a one-point plan broken up into 3 separate statements all getting at the same thing. But who's going to correct the leader of the free world who's also handy with a machine gun? That’s what I thought! Also, I think if the President was to start arriving at important events on a motorcycle wearing an American flag vest (No shirt underneath of course.) people would have a lot more respect for his leadership.

The opening scene of this movie is the most relatable military representation I’ve ever seen. Just a guy trying to be a gray man doing the absolute least to get his benefits and bounce. That’s really the name of the game. His librarian position was a lot like my short but oh-so-sweet time as the Float Coat PO back in the day. (A float coat is the floatation device you see people on the flight deck wear while out to sea.) I was responsible for all of our float coat inventory and maintenance for about 3 months. Except for the 3 months I was in charge, we were pier side in the shipyards and nobody had any need to even look at a float coat during this time. My work days were strictly spent “sitting on my ass watching TV”. It was a good life. 

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