US Congress Cafe: Soup Sandwich

by Steven Bartholomew | November 07, 2022 | 0 Comments

Is Violent Little... getting a little... Polittlecal?

I doubt it. You have to give a shit to get political and I just don't think we really do. But, that doesn't mean we won't chime in from the peanut gallery every once in a while.

Every day my RDC (Recruit Division Commander - the Navy's version of a drill instructor.) told me that either something I was wearing/doing looked like a soup sandwich. My sheets in the morning, soup sandwich. Standing watch, soup sandwich. One time, during a field day in our barracks, he walked into the head where there were three of us cleaning the shower walls and said "WTF? Y'all cleaning the fuckin' head or making a soup sandwich? I can't tell!" It was always hard to take him seriously when he'd say that, though. He was from New York, so anytime he talked to me all I could think of was Jimmy Two Times from Goodfellas.

I know all of you are so excited to vote on Tuesday, and what better way to celebrate your potential tie-breaking ballot than by rocking one of these sweet patches to the polls? All orders that come in before 3 pm EST Friday will be shipped that day in time for the truck to the USPS sorting center and on its way to maybe you can wear it to your local polling station on Tuesday, nerd.

That's not one of those false promises either,


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