Brahma Bull says "Shut Up B*tch!"

by Steven Bartholomew | November 02, 2022 | 0 Comments

Do you think you want to play mind games with The Rock?

This right here was the golden era of the WWE. So many killers out there that you didn't know what the fuck was going on. The Ric Flair and Macho Man days were great, but I don't think that professional wrestling really started to hit its stride until the late 90s into the mid-2000s. 10-year-old me would be sitting on my couch going absolutely crazy when that John Cena intro would come on. I think for even a short period of time I was always rocking sweatbands on my wrists.

I wasn't able to watch as much wrestling as I would have liked, though. My mom wouldn't let me watch it. Not because she thought it was too violent or out of control. But because we only had one T.V. in the house and her Monday nights were not to be spent watching "Bautista Bombs" on Smackdown.

When I was in the Navy, for a brief period of time I worked with a few other dudes on a maintenance team in the shipyards. I'd say 80% of our work day just consisted of us watching old WWE highlights and arguments and then reenacting them with each other. Like people would be working away and they'd just hear from across the flight deck, "Watch out! Watch out! WATCH OUT!" before one of us performed the most technical RKO on some guy actually trying to get work done. Good times.

-Steven A.K.A. The real people's champ

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