DD214: The Golden Ticket

by Steven Bartholomew | January 01, 2023 | 0 Comments

I think all the veterans in the chat feel me when I say that the last day of your military service is the most magical feeling one could have. You are untouchable, the Golden God amongst men, and not a single soul could mess with your mojo. I remember watching the guys that left before me, and for some odd reason, it always reminded me of the scene from Holes where Stanley and Zero are finally leaving Camp Green Lake. (Watch this video if you have no idea what I'm talking about.) Warden Walker being the salty, depressed E-5 who just re-upped for another 5 years.

I was pretty disappointed they don't actually give you a hard copy DD214 anymore on your last day. I had dreams of walking through my ship, golden ticket in hand, and telling my old LPO how much she sucked right before I bounced. But they made me wait till my terminal leave was up and then some First Class called me up and said, verbatim, "Yo, man. So, uhhh, you're out of the Navy now. Just like, check your email when you get a chance to make sure you got your DD214. Besides that, you're done, you lucky fuck." I assume they do it this way now after dealing with way to many disgruntled service members acting a fool once they got handed their freedom papers. You get dragged through the mud for 5 years and a brotha can't even get what he needs to say off his chest? Classic military.

See ya on the outside,


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