Ivan Drago approved Morale Patch!

by Steven Bartholomew | December 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

What's up, Chumps!

(If you read this patch, and it's not in your best Russian accent, then this patch probably isn't for you.)

Not trying to take away from Ivan's victory here, but is everyone going to act like they didn't see Ivan shove the referee back as he was trying to stop the fight? I'm not a big boxing guy, but I'm pretty sure that's gotta be some sort of violation. I'd like to see him try to punk Marc Goddard like that if he was the ref in charge. He'd get "double-legged" into next week.

This patch reminds me of the last thought to go through my head anytime I hype up one of my boys to do something that they probably shouldn't be doing. Case in point, my friend of 15+ years came back to town for Thanksgiving and he wanted to try the whole Jiu Jitsu thing out. He was a varsity wrestler in high school so he figured he'd hold his own on the mats. I picked him up to head to the gym and the last words his dear mother said to us before we pulled off was "Take it easy, you guys. Don't hurt each other." As soon as the car door shut, I turned to him and said "If he dies... he dies." Coincidentally, he tore his pec (We're still not sure how.) and his mom was not a happy camper.

I cannot be defeated, I defeat all men!


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