Who doesn't have a Pee Bottle?

by Steven Bartholomew | September 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

 Whenever I go on a road trip, whether solo or with fellow travelers, I'll always keep a "Pee Bottle" on standby. There's just no way to tell what could go wrong out on the open road, and I'm too resourceful to be caught on the side of the road with my dick in my hand, literally. There's no way you can take a piss on the side of the highway and not look like trash. And since we're all about our image in the public eye here at Violent Little, we do the responsible thing and piss in a plastic bottle while the going is smooth. Then once you arrive at the pre-planned pitstop, you can drain the rest of your contents in the facilities and dispose of the bottle. Although, I'll usually just dump my bottle out and re-use it for the next stretch of exploration.

This patch is also available as a Sticker! 




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