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New Tactical Rail Bottle Opener Colors

by Yanne Root | March 08, 2014 | 0 Comments

Violent Little Machine Shop just launched a bunch of fly new colors to the line up of our great Tactical Bottle Openers. That's right...fly. In addition to the Blue, Green, and Black, we now have Comanche Moon (gun metal gray), Brown, Bronze, Zombie Green, and Boobie Pink -you know...for the ladies and so we can support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That's 8 total colors in all.

All of our tactical openers still come in that same great matte finish and are Type III Class II Hardcoat Anodized for extra durability.

And as per usual, every sale of our openers (as well as most of our other products) generates a $1.00 donation to the Navy SEAL Foundation, a cause that means a lot to us. The boobie pink tactical rail opener will generate a $1.00 donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for every sale.

On sale now and shipping immediately. Click HERE to learn more...or don't...doesn't really matter.

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Huge News! We now have a Favicon!

by Yanne Root | February 08, 2014 | 0 Comments

Violent Little Machine Shop Favicons

Violent Little Machine Shop is proud to unveil its latest creation, a Favicon. What's a Favicon? See the little black icon next to our website in your web browser tab? Its the head of Meep, our little lost robot. We've recently been on a tear with using Fiverr.com for all sort of projects, both personal and professional. We found an artist who specializes in Favicons on Fiverr. It cost us $5.00 to have our logo redone as a Favicon. It provides a personal touch to our website that's a hell of a lot better than the generic favicon that comes with our e-commerce platform. The artist even gave me three different sizes of it in two different formats. $5.00 and it was done in 12 hours...no brainer. It sure beats the hell out of messing around in photoshop for 30 minutes (or longer). My time is worth more than $10 per hour.

If you've never checked out Fiverr, you absolutely must.

It's a community of thousands of interesting, talented, and weird people who do things for just $5.00. From pranks on your friends, to art, to creative advertising, to technical SEO...as a small business owner you can basically run your business with it if you so choose, for $5.00 a job. When the job's done, its done and there's nothing more to be done. It is an easy way to take small, little, time-consuming tasks off of my plate and focus my time and energy on the things that I am really good at and the things that I want to focus on. I don't mind sharing with you that we use Fiverr. My goal isn't to pretend like we've got a huge team of people on salary and acting bigger than we really are. Our goal is to just do cool shit and have fun with this business. Fiverr facilitates that in such an easy platform and for dirt cheap. Stay tuned for our new series of spokesperson commercials using only Fiverr.com hired talent. Things are getting weird over here.

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I'm Your Huckleberry Patch Now Available

by Yanne Root | February 03, 2014 | 2 Comments

I'm Your Huckleberry Patch. Those three words say it all. Violent Little Machine Shop is proud to announce the launch of this patch, inspired by Doc Holliday, played by Val Kilmer, in the film Tombstone. Expertfully lasered on American full grain tooling leather, this patch is an instant crowd pleaser. Our leather patches age beautifully and only gain character with time and as they're exposed to the elements. Leather was a fitting medium for this patch since Tombstone was an old Western. Buy now by clicking HERE.

I'm Your Huckleberry Leather Patch

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